Our Contributions

Some of our more recent commitments to support hospital endeavours have included the raising of one million dollars for the Building Fund which was paid off in 2009. While working on that million-dollar commitment, the Auxiliary also furnished a renal chair for the new Dialysis program at a cost of $50,000 and paid for sponsorship of a birthing suite valued at $75,000 for the Maternal Child Care program on the fourth floor of Tower A.

In early 2017, the Auxiliary completed fundraising for a second million dollar commitment to bring an MRI to the region.


The Auxiliary is now working towards payment of its latest commitment of $500,000, launched in May, 2017, for orthopaedic equipment and upgrades to the hospital's Surgical inpatient unit.    

The Auxiliary members are proud that they are able to contribute their time and energy for the betterment of services provided to their neighbours, their friends and their families.


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