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    ONA Shift Bidding Process

    The Shift Bidding Process has been replaced with S&A's notification system. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Tanya.Parker@pemreghos.org 

    CUPE Shift Bidding Process

    The staffing office will be piloting a new method of offering additional shifts that become available seven (7) days or more in advance. 

    The new method we are piloting will allow for a more streamlined effort and will offer the CUPE Employees more time for consideration, while still respecting seniority.

    This process is in effect as of March 13, 2022.


    When a shift vacancy occurs that is 7 or more days in advance, the current method is to phone all qualifying CUPE Employees in order of seniority, until a CUPE employee tentatively agrees to the shift. The CUPE employee with highest seniority, who tentatively agrees to the shift within two hours of the call or message, will be awarded that shift. The new Shift Bidding process allows for more time in a more streamlined fashion. See below "Process Overview" for details.



    1. Monday by 6pm: Vacant shifts will be posted
    2. By Wednesday 6pm: CUPE employees to bid for shifts
    3. Friday by 6pm: CUPE employees with successful bids to be notified

    Reference Documents:  

    1. Process Overview - CUPE Shift Bidding
    2. How to email shift bids - CUPE Shifts Bidding
    3. Sample Shifts Bidding Email
    4. Posting Sample Template
    5. CUPE Scheduling Deadlines

    Posted Schedules with Shift Bids 


    Links will be deactivated after Wednesday, 6pm. Physical copies can be found by C224.



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