Ontario Health Team (OHT)

Local Team Working To Improve Health And Social Service Care In Renfrew County

The Ontario government is changing the way health care is organized in our province so that it is more patient-centred and efficient. To do this, the government has asked the people and groups who provide health and social service care in Ontario to start working together in Health Teams.  


Our area, currently referred to as “Network 24”, is working on an application to become an Ontario Health Team (OHT). The name “Network 24” was given to our area by the Ontario Ministry of Health, but when this process is complete and our Health Team is formed, we hope to select a new name.
Network 24 stretches from the Ottawa Valley north of Arnprior, up to Deep River and includes the area along Highway 60 to South Algonquin Township.

The team working for Network 24 includes representatives such as patients, residents, and families, as well as groups such as:
all hospitals; family health teams and community health centres; agencies that provide homecare, community care and social services support; agencies that provide mental health and addictions care; agencies that provide palliative care; agencies that provide long-term care.


Development of the Network 24 Ontario Health Team is in the early stages, but when complete, it is hoped that it will be easier for people to get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.


For the first year of planning, the Network 24 team may explore ways to address the following:

1.How to help keep seniors in their own homes with the care and supports they need.
2.Finding ways to ensure everyone has equal access to a primary care provider (a physician or a Nurse Practitioner).
3.An assessment of mental health and addictions services, especially in light of impacts of the ongoing pandemic.


In order for Network 24 to become an Ontario Health Team, a formal application process must be completed. A full application was submitted on April 30, 2021. 


Full application submitted by Network 24 to become an Ontario Health Team  









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